Permanent Drillable Tubing Bridge Plug (10KPSI Rated)

Permanent Drillable Tubing Bridge Plug

The Permanent Drillable Tubing Bridge Plug is designed with a few defining features that differentiate it from the conventional cast iron plugs currently on the market. It utilizes a specially designed Ecner Array elastomer system to provide structural integrity within the sealing element to withstand the differential pressure. This eliminates the fragile slotted metal backups normally employed to support the sealing element in the annular area between the plug and the pipe wall, making for a more robust plug design.



  • Complies with API 11D1 specifications
  • Test validation grades from V6 – V0
  • Small run-in OD, increases ability to deploy through and decreases possibility of sticking in tight spots or bends in tubing
  • Compact and dependable, the Permanent Drillable Tubing Bridge Plug is easily set via wireline or pipe
  • No fragile exposed metal backups reduce chance of plug damage which could lead to sticking the plug/setting tool system during deployment
  • Lab testing verified ability to withstand pressure differential of 10,000 psi from both directions while subjecting plug to pressure reversal cycles
  • Available with bottom adapter Bow Spring Centralizer or other wireline tools
  • Setting force is maintained by a ratcheting lock ring on top of the Bridge Plug
  • Can be made out of corrosive-resistant alloys