Engineering + Service + Manufacturing

Engineering + Service + Manufacturing Specializing in a variety of solutions for rigless Intervention and well abandonment.

Sand Control Systems

Sand Control Systems Systems designed to eliminate unwanted formation sand production in oil, gas, and water wells.

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Tubing & Casing Patch Systems

Tubing & Casing Patch Systems Permanent or retrievable non-rig patch systems used to repair or isolate tubing or casing leaks.

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Zonal Isolation Systems

Zonal Isolation Systems Systems designed to isolate unwanted production or zones that use multiple options of sealing barriers.

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Specialty Systems

Specialty Systems Multi-purpose systems that combine one-off engineering projects to achieve specific solutions.

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Multiple-Barrier Deployment Techniques

Multiple-Barrier Deployment Techniques Systems that accommodate deployment of long section lengths of non-rig intervention tool assemblies into a well using coil tubing and wireline conveyance while maintaining complete well bore integrity.

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Thru-Tubing Systems (TTS) is an engineering, manufacturing, and service company specializing in products and systems for rigless interventions and well abandonment in slim hole (monobore) wells and through tubing completions. TTS has the ability to design, manufacture, test, and install these applications. They can be deployed into wells using coil tubing, electric and slick line, and rigs. We provide applications for rigless intervention worldwide with products and systems available to address numerous downhole conditions which can cause the production of oil and gas to slow down or cease.


We are the global leader in the development and use of thru-tubing systems. Our proprietary product and system designs are rigorously tested and offer a variety of rigless intervention solutions ready to remedy a wide range of downhole problems. TTS taps the best engineering talent to ensure we are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our global footprint.


Our team of global experts are leaders in the tooling and techniques involved in rigless remedial sand control, wireline plug back and various zonal isolation operations. We also offer many solutions for plug and abandonment support. TTS is committed to protecting the environment, the health and safety of our employees, and the community in which we conduct our business.


We take pride in developing and manufacturing all of our products and systems at our manufacturing facility in the Southern United States. Our products and systems are all fabricated and constructed using the strictest standards with a commitment to environmental excellence.

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wireline products

Wireline Products

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API Specification Q1, 9th Edition

The organization’s Quality Management System has undergone an audit by a competent authority who has validated that the management system including design & development, meets the requirements outlined in API Spec Q1, 9th Edition.

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