High Expansion Permanent Umbrella Basket

High Expansion Permanent Umbrella Basket

TTS’s Positively Deployed High Expansion Permanent Umbrella Basket is designed to pass through small restrictions and set in a larger ID tubular below. The High Expansion Permanent Umbrella Basket firmly anchors into place a “metal petal” umbrella that functions as a cement basket to be utilized as a base for subsequent placement (dumping) of bridging material, cement, or resin.



  • Double basket supports cement column and diverts migrating fluid to vent
  • Uses overlapping spring steel petals to form a cone opening to the casing ID and provide a strong base to start the plugback operation. Metal petals are stronger than other cloth and Kevlar baskets and provide resistance to damage by corrosive wellbore fluids
  • Slip segments have been designed to hold 1600# each to improve setting and holding ability
  • The unique setting mechanism positively deploys the bottom slips approximately 12” below the end of the running sleeve
  • A tool barrier is installed above the basket to help prevent accidental damage due to wireline tool string contact
  • A pressure balanced sliding sleeve vent valve maintains equalization across plug until it is closed, which is easily accomplished using wireline
  • Each petal basket is manufactured to accept the addition of a Wireline Bow Spring Centralizer
  • to assist entry of the running assembly into liner tops
  • Stocked for all API casing sizes (4-1/2” thru 9-5/8”) *Special tubing, casing, and open hole sizes or corrosive service (H2S, CO2) models available on request
  • Standard tool running diameter is 1.63” for 7” and smaller casing; 2” for 7-5/8” and larger casing; standard length is 13’ for vented, 6’ 6” for non-vented (7’6” for 8-5/8” and larger)