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TTS Vented Umbrella Basket Remedies Years Long P&A Attempts

TTS Vented Umbrella Basket Remedies Years Long P&A Attempts

Posted on August 15, 2023

Thru-Tubing Systems was contacted after client had many failed P&A attempts over several years. A well that was drilled in 1992 and had liner leaking at 22,000’. While attempting to find the leak, the well had a blowout and fishing operations commenced to remove Champ packer at 19,226’.  While attempting to fish packer, the rig lost multiple fishing BHA’s in the well.  The well was shut in tubing hung off at the surface leaving 2.125” restriction in “R” nipple profile before entering 16” Casing.

Thru-Tubing Systems was able to engineer and design a 16” vented umbrella basket that could pass thru 2.125” restriction and set in 16” 146lb casing. We tailored a procedure and program for setting the vented umbrella basket and dumped bailing Marbles, sand, and cement to create a permanent cement plug in well.

The project was completed on time and with no misruns.  A total of 22 runs were made with electric line to completed the operation.  Well was bled to 0 psi and cement tested.  Tubing was pulled and the P&A operation was completed.


  • Well remained unfixable since 1992
  • TTS engineered and designed a special vented umbrella basket and program for P&A
  • TTS was able to set vented umbrella basket at 7,669’
  • Made 20 runs with bailers and placed 1.59’ of marbles, .67’ of ceramic shot, and 10’ of high shear bond cement
  • Successfully test cement and removed tubing
  • Completed P&A of well bore