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TTS Gas Lift Straddle Packer Helps Set New Record in Gulf of Mexico

TTS Gas Lift Straddle Packer Helps Set New Record in Gulf of Mexico

Posted on August 15, 2023

Thru-Tubing systems was instrumental in the successful completion of a significant project for a deep-water well. This remarkable endeavor involved retrofitting a gas lift system, including the installation of a straddle packer assembly to isolate a thru-tubing gas lift valve.

Setting a new record, this retrofit was executed at a remarkable depth of 19,800ft. The project required detailed engineering analysis, to review load cases for tubing and casing design to ensure compliance with design limits during the Nitrogen displacement of the completion fluid and gas lifting during the production lifecycle. We are proud to announce that this extraordinary accomplishment was achieved without any safety incidents, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to the well-being and security of our team and operations.

There is an increase in production of 600boe/d expected.

Highlights included:

  • First time a major oil company has run Thru-tubing gas lift in the Gulf of Mexico
  • First time a retrievable gas lift straddle installed at 19,770’.
  • Setting of lower packer assembly and installing test plug allowing tubing annulus to be flushed with N2
  • Tubing above packer was successfully punched
  • Successfully displaced 10.5 CaCL2 with nitrogen applying 7,000 psi differential to packer
  • Test plug removed with slick line and upper gas lift assembly installed with packer
  • Project completed with use of rig pulling tubing
  • Used electric wireline and slickline resulting in cost savings