Permanent Tubing Cement Retainers

Permanent Tubing Cement Retainers

TTS Tubing Cement Retainers are designed as a cost-effective method for placing and retaining cement in a well tubular. Several models are available giving the operator multiple choices to select a retainer that meets the specific needs of the project. Cast Iron and other material components were selected to provide both the necessary strength and to reduce milling time required to remove the Cement Retainer, if it becomes necessary.



  • Complies with API 11D1 specifications
  • Test validation grades from V6 – V3
  • An upper receptacle option is available that also serves as a Top Entry Guide for subsequent Stinger operations
  • The retainers can be set via wireline, threaded pipe or coiled tubing
  • Some models can be run on pipe using a Hydraulic Setting Tool to allow “One-Trip” setting of the retainer and pumping of cement
  • The retainers are capable of withstanding differential pressure from below once the setting equipment is removed from the Cement Retainer
  • Sliding Valve is balanced therefore not affected by differential pressure from above