Paragon II Retrievable Medium Expansion (ME) Tubing Packer

Paragon II Retrievable Medium Expansion (ME) Tubing Packer

The Paragon II Retrievable Medium Expansion Tubing Packer is a higher expansion version of the standard Paragon Packer. It contains all the same features that create the high utility and high performance of the other versions of the Paragon Packer while offering a smaller run in hole outside diameter (OD). This packer version is used when there is a need to drift through smaller inside diameter (ID) tubing features that the standard Paragon Packer versions will not drift through. The TTS Medium Expansion Paragon Packer utilizes our newly developed Medium Expansion Hercules Sealing Stack. This sealing stack has been successfully tested to API 11D1 V3 specifications and is currently rated at 5000 psi at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Other validation ratings may be available upon request.



  • Complies with API 11D1 specifications
  • One-trip installation, one-trip retrieve Tubing Packer
  • Straight pull to release, no downward manipulation required (Slick Line Retrievable)
  • Packer element tested to API V3 testing validation.
  • Capable of setting in corrosion-resistant alloys and high tensile tubulars
  • Large ID/OD ratio for larger flow area.
  • Dual Bore design allows for full unrestricted ID on sealing accessories.
  • Smaller OD to pass through non-standard ID restrictions