Paragon II Retrievable Cement Retainer

Paragon II Retrievable Cement Retainer

The Paragon II Retrievable Cement Retainer is a cement retainer based off any version of the Paragon Packer. It contains a sleeve valve attached to the lower end that is designed to hold pressure from both above and below when closed. As with conventional sleeve valve retainers it can be run in the hole and cemented through in a single trip with a work-string including coil tubing or it can be deployed and set using wireline then stung into with a stinger assembly attached to a work-string. This retainer sleeve valve and stinger assemblies are specifically designed for use with coil tubing thus preventing hydraulic sticking commonly experienced when using conventional cast iron retainer products with coil tubing. Pressure ratings of up to 7500 psi are available. It is currently offered for tubing sizes from 2 3/8”-5 ½”.



  • Complies with API 11D1 specifications
  • Test validation grades from V6 – V0
  • One-trip installation/pumping on pipe. Separate trips using wireline
  • One-trip retrieve. Straight pull to release, no downward manipulation required
  • Modular Gage Rings allow for optimizing seal gap
  • Bi-directional caged slips located below the packing system provide increased retrievability
  • Multi-durometer packing system increases sealing ability
  • Sliding Sleeve Valve System is positively closed by running tool removal to prevent cement flow back from below and hold excess hydrostatic head from above
  • Release mechanism is not affected by hanging weight or differential pressures allowing reduction of the required release forces to aid wireline retrieving
  • Once Retainer is released, the tool is locked in the released position allowing the ability to work up and down once released and not re-engage slips



  • Cement Retainer
  • Isolation Treatments (CaCo3, Acid, Sealtite)
  • Designed for High Crossflows if Used as a Retrievable Bridge Plug