Paragon II Retrievable Dual Seal Bore Tubing Packer

Paragon II Retrievable Dual Seal Bore Tubing Packer

The TTS Paragon II Retrievable Dual Seal Bore (RDSB) Tubing Packer is specifically designed to be installed inside of an oil or gas well’s production tubing. Its high utility design makes it suitable for a wide variety of thru tubing packer applications, see below. This specialized packer is designed to drift through commonly used tubing features, such as safety valves and Landing Nipples and set anywhere in the production tubing or production liner in mono bore configured wells. It utilizes a specialized (RDSB) design that incorporates caged slips located below a multi-durometer sealing stack for enhanced retrievability. It is normally conveyed into the well using wireline, coil tubing, or jointed pipe. It can be retrieved by applying upward strain or jarring action using slick or braided wireline, coil tubing or jointed pipe. The Paragon Packer has been the feature tool in several thousand well interventions over the past 20 years. This version is currently rated API 11D1 V3 or V5, 5000 psi at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It is currently offered for tubing sizes from 2 3/8”- 5 ½”.



  • Complies with API 11D1 specifications
  • One-trip installation, one-trip retrieve Tubing Packer
  • Straight pull to release, no downward manipulation required (Slick Line Retrievable)
  • Packer element tested to API V5, V3, V0 testing validation
  • Capable of setting in corrosion resistant alloys and high tensile tubulars
  • Dual Bore design allows for full unrestricted ID on sealing accessories
  • Once Packer is released, the tool is locked in the release position allowing the ability to work up and down once released and not re-engage slips