Metal-to-Metal Seal Bridge Plug

Metal-to-Metal Seal Bridge Plug

The TTS Metal-to-Metal Seal Bridge Plug provides a cost-effective method to plug and isolate pipe in wellbore environments detrimental to elastomeric seals.  The use of metal seals eliminates problems associated with elastomer swell and explosive decompression that may be experienced in these environments.

The plug system functions by using an expandable metal seal element and interior metal seals. The expandable element engages the pipe ID creating a high-pressure seal that will be unaffected by the presence of gas over the life of the plug.  It is normally conveyed into the well using wireline, but can also be deployed with coiled tubing, or jointed pipe. Available for tubing sizes 2-7/8” and 3-1/2”.



  • All-Metal construction
  • Bi-Directional slip design provides increased anchoring