High Expansion Permanent Elastomeric Plug

High Expansion Permanent Elastomeric Plug

The TTS High Expansion Permanent Elastomeric Plug consists of a heavy-duty anchor and an expanding steel frame covered by a high expansion elastomer.  The anchor holds the plug system in place as the steel frame is expanded and engages the elastomer against the ID of the casing wall.  Plug construction (seal element and anchor) is modular to allow the operator to adapt to multiple running conditions.



  • Complies with API 11D1 specifications
  • Deployment of this patented plug system is accomplished using wireline or coiled tubing
  • Compatible with all wireline systems increasing setting options
  • Modular design increases operational efficiency
  • Short Overall Length increases ability to reach target zone
  • Designed to run through a smaller pipe ID or tubing restriction and set in larger ID casing below




*US Patent 7,104,323 B2