Cast Iron Bridge Plug

Cast Iron Bridge Plug

Compact and dependable, the Cast Iron Plug is easily set via wireline or pipe. Setting force is maintained by a Ratcheting Lock Ring on top of the plug.



  • Complies with API 11D1 specifications
  • Test validation grades from V3 – V0
  • Rated for 3000 F (Nitrile)
  • Custom elastomers available upon request
  • Drillable
  • Drilling out is easier due to the cast material
  • Available for tubing and casing sizes from 4” to 20”
  • Can be set in grades up to P-110
  • Custom slips available to set-in higher-grade material up to Q-125
  • Pressure rating dependent on OD
  • Can be made out of corrosive-resistant alloys