Thru Tubing Gauge Hanger (Retrievable)

Thru Tubing Gauge Hanger (Retrievable)

The TTS Thru Tubing Gage Hanger is a slimline retrievable anchor designed to drift minimum ID’s and set in larger pipe sizes below. Can be manufactured out of corrosive-resistant alloy.



  • Capable of setting in corrosion-resistant alloys and high tensile tubulars
  • Optimized design for maximum annular flow area
  • Slim design allows for minimal flow restriction
  • Designed for 4-1/2” to 7” casing
  • Conversion kits available for ID down to 3-1/2” or up to 9-5/8”
  • Tool retrieval accomplished via wireline using standard pulling tools
  • 4,800 Ibs Setting Force/ 3,200 Ibs Retrieving Force
  • 19,250 Ibs Tensile Strength
  • 400 F BHT Rating



  • Hanger for downhole tools (Gauges, fluid samplers, pack-offs)
  • Barrier (debris, abandoned tools)
  • Depth Marker