Shoot and Squeeze Cement Retainer

Shoot and Squeeze Cement Retainer

The TTS Shoot and Squeeze Cement Retainer (SSCR) is a special adaptation of a conventional Sleeve Valve Cement Retainer (SVCR).  The SSCR provides a means to deploy a cement retainer in combination with perforating guns, firing head, and shock absorber in a single run, usually via wireline.  The SSCR is constructed of high strength alloy components to enable the SSCR to withstand the forces exerted by the initiation of the perforating gun. After setting the SSCR, the workstring is run with a sealing stinger that is used to open the sleeve valve, initiate perforating guns, pump cement, and close the sleeve valve before returning to the surface.  Well control is maintained during the entire shoot/squeeze operation.  The system can also be run on pipe.



  • Integral design with Retainer/Perforating guns allow one-trip “Shoot and Squeeze”
  • Balanced Seal Sliding Valve prevents re-opening
  • Capable of up to 10,000 psi differential from below (size dependent)
  • High strength construction to withstand perforating forces upon retainer
  • System design allows safe and simple vertical make at well-site
  • SSCR serves as a barrier and well control is maintained for entirety of the operation



  • Squeeze perforating
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