Bailer Cement Systems (High-Shear Bond)

TTS’ SureBond 300™ High Shear Bond Cement Kits are designed to maximize bonding and sealing ability under harsh down-hole conditions. It provides the longest fluid time to “round-trip” a bailer, while maintaining reasonable initial set times and excellent API fluid loss properties as well.

SureBond 300™ is packaged in two pails (dry blend and mix water) to yield 5 gallons of 16.4 lb/gal cement slurry for BHT 800 F – 3100 F. The kits provide a low viscosity, easy to mix slurry that does not settle on the surface, in the bailer, or after dumping.  Each kit contains API Sulfate Resistant Premium Class H blended with fine Silica to prevent strength retrogression due to well temperature.  It also contains a proprietary additive blend that includes: Fluid Loss Control, Dispersant, Anti-Settling agent, and proprietary Expansion Additive.  Liquid Retarder is added to the mix at the well site to provide the desired performance.

The proprietary mix fluid keeps the slurry impermeable to contamination from most fluids ensuring a consistent top of cement.  The slurry also has Maximum expansion properties for high shear bond strength. The performance of SureBond 300™ exceeds performance of other standard kits available in head-to-head tests.


Features/Benefits of TTS SureBond 300™ Bailer Cement Kit

  • Requires temperature to cure: Extends liquid slurry time (4-6 Hours) required for cement placement (i.e., deep or longer rig-up/run time) in wells. Allows round-trip of bailer runs.
  • Delayed gel strength development: Exhibits “right-angle” set providing protection from gas migration during transition from liquid to solid phase.
  • Saltwater system: Impervious to conventional brines used thus avoids contamination of slurry.
  • Zero free water: No settling and separation of cement slurry.
  • Proprietary expansion agent: Does not increase viscosity of slurry as conventional expansion agents used in other kits, dumps easily and cleanly.
  • High Shear Bond: Provides strong plug with maximum holding ability for shorter plug.
  • Lab Testing: The TTS SureBond 300™ Dump Bailer Cement Kit is continually tested in a third-party Laboratory to ensure results of a 4-6 hour set time, within temperatures of 80F – 310F.