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Sand Control Systems

Series 5100 Inflatable Circulating or Squeeze Gravel Pack System
TTS Thru-Tubing Wash Down Gravel Pack
Series 5000 Thru-Tubing Frac Pack System
Vent Screen with Cement Cap
TTS Thru-Tubing Gravel Pack Screen Hang-Off
Series 5012 One Trip Retrievable Squeeze Pack System
Vent Screen with Isolation Packer and Overshot
TTS Thru-Tubing Perforating Gun and Screen Deployment

Service Tools

LSA–Locking Stinger Assembly
Snap Latch Stinger Assembly
Mechanical Setting Tool (MST) Assembly
Tension Packer Assembly

Product Information Packers-Well Information

Series 5011 Retrievable Packer Accessories
Series 5100 Inflatable Packer
Series 4800 Control Set High Expansion Packer
Series 5011 Retrievable Cement Retainer (Sliding Sleeve)
Series 5011 Retrievable Straddle Pack System
Series 5014 Retrievable Bridge Plug (RBP)
Series 5011 Retrievable Dual Seal Bore Tubing Packer
Series 5011 Retrievable Packer Setting Assemblies
Series 4800-Controlled Set High Expansion Cement Retainer

X-Span Tubing and Casing Patches

Tubing Patch Specifications
Casing Patch Specifications
X-Span Overview
X-Span Advantages and Applications

Workover-Completion Systems

Series 5200 Controlled Volume Displacement System (CVDS)
TTS Tubing Patch Straddle Pack Installation
TTS Thru-Tubing Gas Lift Velocity String Installation

Wireline Products

Series 4025–HPHT Wireline Pressure Setting Tool
Series 7850-ACE Thru Tubing Umbrella Plug
Series 8300-Gravity Bailer
Series 1800-Gage Hanger Retrievable
Series 4010-Wireline Pressure Setting Tool (Power Charge)
Series 1200-Auto Release Tool
Series 7910 Electro-Hydraulic Bailer Bottom (EHBB)
Series 4250-Cast Iron Bridge Plug
Series 4100–Knock Out Magna-Range Bridge Plug
ACE Mix Cement Kits
Series 8299-TTS Flex Bailer Segment
Series 1000-Positive Displacement Bailer
Series 2105-TTS Tubing Bridge Plug (10K)
ACE Mix Cement (6 gallon) Kit Mixing Procedure
TTS Rental Equipment
Series 9306-Spiral Thru Tubing Bridge Plug
Series 4200-Fixed Slip Magna-Range Plug (Pressure Rated)
Series 1201-Selective Release Tool
Tech Unit-ACE Umbrella Plug
Series 4260-Cast Iron Cement Retainer
Series 4020-Hydrostatic Setting Tool (Non-Explosive)

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Series 5200 Controlled Volume Displacement System (CVDS)


It has been necessary and/or desirable at times to place a specific volume of fluid at a precise location in a wellbore. This is easily accomplished using wireline because the wireline bailer contains a specific volume which can be located at a precise
depth. However, problems exist in wells with high angles, horizontal sections, corkscrewed tubing, and when larger fluid volumes make wireline deployment impractical. Additionally, small cement volumes placed by multiple runs in larger diameters create a series of short individual cement plugs stacked atop one another rather than a
single homogenous plug.

The TTS Series 5200 Controlled Volume Displacement System (CVDS) offers a remedy to these problems. The CVDS utilizes a series of polished I.D. tubulars (existing reeled tubing strings and IF threaded pipe strings are also suitable) to
deploy a specific volume of fluid. The CVDS design and operating procedures allow for placement of a precise volume of fluid (e.g., cement, plastic, acid) at a specific location in the well without over displacement.


  • Installation of a single homogenous cement plug
  • Spotting of a controlled volume in a precise interval
  • Deployment of large volumes in a single trip
  • Deployment of fluid in horizontal or high angle wells
  • Deployment in wells with limited wireline deployment options


  • Controlled displacement prevents over displacement, insuring fluids are located at the proper interval. They can perform their desired function and not cause irreparable damage in other intervals.
  • A single homogenous cement plug eliminates the contamination zones that occur atop each dump interval when using multiple wireline bailer runs, therefore, yielding a higher integrity plug.
  • Specific volume allows specialized pumping operations of expensive treating agents.