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Sand Control Systems

Series 5100 Inflatable Circulating or Squeeze Gravel Pack System
TTS Thru-Tubing Wash Down Gravel Pack
Series 5000 Thru-Tubing Frac Pack System
Vent Screen with Cement Cap
TTS Thru-Tubing Gravel Pack Screen Hang-Off
Series 5012 One Trip Retrievable Squeeze Pack System
Vent Screen with Isolation Packer and Overshot
TTS Thru-Tubing Perforating Gun and Screen Deployment

Service Tools

LSA–Locking Stinger Assembly
Snap Latch Stinger Assembly
Mechanical Setting Tool (MST) Assembly
Tension Packer Assembly

Product Information Packers-Well Information

Series 5011 Retrievable Packer Accessories
Series 5100 Inflatable Packer
Series 4800 Control Set High Expansion Packer
Series 5011 Retrievable Cement Retainer (Sliding Sleeve)
Series 5011 Retrievable Straddle Pack System
Series 5014 Retrievable Bridge Plug (RBP)
Series 5011 Retrievable Dual Seal Bore Tubing Packer
Series 5011 Retrievable Packer Setting Assemblies
Series 4800-Controlled Set High Expansion Cement Retainer

X-Span Tubing and Casing Patches

Tubing Patch Specifications
Casing Patch Specifications
X-Span Overview
X-Span Advantages and Applications

Workover-Completion Systems

Series 5200 Controlled Volume Displacement System (CVDS)
TTS Tubing Patch Straddle Pack Installation
TTS Thru-Tubing Gas Lift Velocity String Installation

Wireline Products

Series 4025–HPHT Wireline Pressure Setting Tool
Series 7850-ACE Thru Tubing Umbrella Plug
Series 8300-Gravity Bailer
Series 1800-Gage Hanger Retrievable
Series 4010-Wireline Pressure Setting Tool (Power Charge)
Series 1200-Auto Release Tool
Series 7910 Electro-Hydraulic Bailer Bottom (EHBB)
Series 4250-Cast Iron Bridge Plug
Series 4100–Knock Out Magna-Range Bridge Plug
ACE Mix Cement Kits
Series 8299-TTS Flex Bailer Segment
Series 1000-Positive Displacement Bailer
Series 2105-TTS Tubing Bridge Plug (10K)
ACE Mix Cement (6 gallon) Kit Mixing Procedure
TTS Rental Equipment
Series 9306-Spiral Thru Tubing Bridge Plug
Series 4200-Fixed Slip Magna-Range Plug (Pressure Rated)
Series 1201-Selective Release Tool
Tech Unit-ACE Umbrella Plug
Series 4260-Cast Iron Cement Retainer
Series 4020-Hydrostatic Setting Tool (Non-Explosive)

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ACE Mix Cement Kits

ACE Mix™ High Shear Bond Cement Kits are designed to maximize bonding and sealing ability under harsh downhole conditions. They provide sufficient fluid time to “round-trip” a bailer, while maintaining reasonable initial set times and excellent API fluid loss properties as well.

The standard ACE Mix™ kit is packaged in two pails (dry blend and mix water) to yield 6 gallons of 16.4 ppg cement slurry for BHT 100°F – 300°F (a single pail kit without water is available for export or remote locations). The dry blend portion of the kit is divided and packaged into two separate 3 gallon bags inside the dry blend pail. This allows the kit to be mixed and used as two - 3 gallon batches, if preferred. The dry blend portion of the kit can be ordered packagedin a single 3 gallon pail to cut in half the weight to be lifted for safer handling operations.

The ACE Mix™ product line is organized around a single base cement kit that provides a high density, high shear bond, expanding cement slurry. This expanding, High Shear Bond formula is now available as the “standard” kit, not special order. The performance of ACE Mix™ exceeds performance of other standard kits available in head to head tests (see chart below).

The base ACE Mix™ kit is also designed to allow for the addition of specific application add-ins or “wild cards”. These add-ins specially enhance the performance of the kit for the unique condition. In this manner, the base cement kit adapts to the unique application requirement eliminating the need for numerous specialty kits. Simply select the proper Wild Card for the application and add to the base kit. For example, if the application is for 350°F, add the HTE wild card for Hi-Temp applications. There is no need to carry multiple kit versions and increase the amount of inventory. Wild Card add-ins are available for a wide variety of applications, with more under development as additional customer needs and requirements are encountered.

Description of Wild Card Add-ins Available For Use With ACE Mix Kits:

  • HTE – High Temp Extender
    • Additives for extending operating temperature range from 300° F to 400° F.
  • LTX – Low Temperature Expansion
    • Standard expansion agents require minimal temperature of 200° F to cause expansion of cement during cure cycle. This patented additive causes ACE Mix to expand at low temperatures from 100°F to 200° F increasing Shear Bond.
  • SSW – Saturated Salt Water
    • Certain brine and bromide fluids can cause problems for proper cement bailing, curing, and/or strength development. This additive prevents flash set in the bailer and regulates cure time in a high salinity environment. Slurry density is increased to 17.2 ppg using this additive.
  • HD-18 - High Density 18 ppg
    • Increases the slurry density to 18 ppg for use in heavy well fluids.

Kits are manufactured using strict acceptance criteria for all material components. Each criterion is verified by laboratory testing and documented. Additionally, each batch of cement kits is manufactured according to specific quality control procedures for the manufacturing process. Again, laboratory testing of each batch of kits is performed and documented. Samples of each kit batch are maintained at the lab for an extended time period for future verification. Information is kept by Lot number to provide component traceability of individual chemical components used in the manufacture of the kits. Kit performance numbers (fluid time, initial set, 12 hr and 24 hr compressive strength and API fluid loss) are included with each kit.

Additional Special Application Kits Available

  • ETT – Extended Trip Time
    • Provides extra rig-up and/or run time by delaying initial set of cement.
  • LCM – Lost Circulation Material
    • Bridging Material is added to the kit to assist bridging in slotted liners, etc.
  • LTC – Low Temp Cure
    • Enables curing of slurry at BHT of 60°-100°F.
  • XHT – Extreme High Temp
    • Extends operating range to BHT of 425°F